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Preparing a Winning Application for Jobs on a Cruise Ship - I know from speaking to many cruise companies and seeing thousands of applications over the years, that preparing a good cruise ship targeted cover letter and resume is where a lot of applicants are going drastically wrong.

Knowing how to put together a cruise ship specific cover letter and resume and knowing how to make it stand out from the crowd is vital. What's more, I'll prove to you in a moment that cruise lines are not willing to acknowledge a less than professionally put together application.

Getting your cover letter right is just as important as getting your resume right. However 95% of the cover letters don't even get a second glance which means that their respective resumes are also ignored.

A well worded cover letter is an ultimate sales letter and practically no one understands this fact. Most cover letters do nothing to land the job interview. The vast majority of cruise ship job seekers simply "throw" together any old cover letter, just so they have something to attach to their average resume.

So, to help you here is my own personal formula for creating a winning cruise ship cover letter that lands you the job interview:

1. Use a Killer Opener to generate interest.

Deliver a compelling OPENING SENTENCE to the cruise line employer. It's one of the first things he/she will read, so make it memorable and powerful! Ideally, it should be only one line.

In one sentence, and one sentence only, you will create what is known in the marketing business as a STRONG HEADLINE. It's the most powerful way to command the undivided attention of the reader:

Immediately Available: Experienced manager with a passion for customer service and travel!

In the above example, we focused on the strongest benefit this person can offer the cruise line. He is an experienced manager and has a passion for customer service and travel. What cruise line would not be impressed with this guy!

Write something similar for your situation.

As an alternative, you can say how much you desire this job, where you found the advertisement or something else. Make it compelling.

I recommend centring the sentence on the page and using bold italics!

(You won't be able to do this if you email your Cover Letter).
2. State your objective and/or benefits to the employer. Here are some examples of how you can do this:

 I am confident I can help your cruise line immediately in the following ways: {LIST EXAMPLES}.

I hope this summary of my resume will give you a clear understanding of my capabilities and how I can apply my skills to exceeding the needs and requirements of your guests.

I am available and interested in working specifically for your cruise line. I believe my accomplishments in the ________ field show. I would be a valuable asset in the following areas: {LIST AREAS}.

During my career with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , I have: {LIST ACCOMPLISHMENTS}.

3. List your Skills, Employment History, and Education from your Resume.

If you have a specific set of skills or achievements, you may want to list them by using bullet points or numbers. This is pleasing to the eye and easier to read.

You are drawing attention to your talents in a positive way. Insert them between the first and second paragraphs for the best effect.

• Bullets Points persuade the reader.
• Bullets Points force the reader's attention.
• Bullets Points provide helpful information.

4. Request an interview.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how I may be an asset to your cruise line. I can be reached from {5-8pm} {M-F} at {310-555-1212}. I look forward to talking with you!

I hope to hear from you soon to set up an appointment. Feel free to give me a call at _______ between _______ and ________, or leave a message at my home phone _________. Thank you.

At your convenience, I would be very interested to speak with you for an interview.

As you probably know, it’s important to get the name of the person in charge of hiring staff whenever you can so that you have somebody to send your resume to.

However, as we all know, this isn’t always possible.

On the following page is an EXCELLENT example of what to do when you just cannot find the “contact name” to address your letter to:

Jamie Cruise Job Seeker
123 Acorn Dr.
My town, USA 12345
Phone: 555-555-1212

XYZ Cruise Line
4000 Ocean Way
Miami, 33126

Please Note: I wanted to address this letter to you by name, but it was not provided on your website. I am extremely interested in this position.

Immediately Available: Experienced Retail Professional with a Passion for Sales, Customer Service and travel!

Dear Hiring Manager;

I have two solid years of experience as a Sales Assistant in a large and busy retail outlet. My goal is to work in your duty free gift shops because you're respected and well-known for advancement opportunities, great people and great ships!

I have a proven track record of improving retail sales by providing exceptional customer service, effective up-selling and repositioning slow selling stock. Additionally, I have 5 years experience as a Customer Service Assistant.

It is a long held dream of mine to work on a cruise ship and I am fully aware of the demanding nature of life on board. I feel that my strong retail background, exceptional customer service skills, combined with my ability to work as an effective member of a close-knit team would make me an ideal candidate for a position working in your duty free gift shops.

I welcome the chance to bring my knowledge, experience, and skills to the XYZ Cruise Lines team!


Jamie Cruise Job Seeker

P.S. I would love the opportunity to discuss this position with you in detail, during a personal interview to demonstrate my knowledge and skills. I can be contacted at 555-555-1212 to make arrangements for this immediately. Thank you in advance!

This technique works and the person who sent this particular cover letter, not only landed several job interviews with major cruise companies but he also landed a job too.

The Resume for Cruise Ship Job

Ask any cruise ship recruiter what the most important thing is when they are looking at candidate applications, and they’ll probably tell you "the resume".

Your resume will decide whether or not you considered for an interview. It stands to reason therefore that that your resume must look good and sell you in the strongest possible light.

Again there are a ton of good books out there which show you how to write a winning resume, but to get you going here are our ten top tips for making your resume work for you:

1. Target your resume. Make sure all of your skills and experience are targeted and worded to meet the requirements of one specific job.

For example, if you apply to a cruise line for a job as a Casino Cashier, then everything on your resume should be tailored to back this up. I.e. it will talk about your cash handling and customer service skills and maybe any banking or casino experience you’ve had.

If at the same time you also apply to a different cruise line for a position of Gift Shop Assistant, then you should adjust your resume by re-arranging and rewording it slightly to make it more targeted towards this position. I.e. it will talk about your customer service and selling skills and mention any retail stores that you’ve worked in.

This is vitally important. I have lost count of the number of applications I’ve received over the years which said something like:

"Applying for any position available"

The cruise line will NOT take your application seriously if you write something like this - and you certainly won’t get (or deserve) a reply back.

2. Keep the layout simple and use a clear font such as Arial, Times or Tahoma - do not use anything fancy like Comic Sans MS. It needs to be easy to read.

3. Keep it to a maximum of 2 pages in length.

4. Use powerful bullet points below each job title when describing your work history. E.g.

• Provided exceptional customer service to ensure guest satisfaction and increased sales.
• Managed complaints efficiently and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction
• Handled all aspects of administration including banking and cash handling
• Created new promotions which increased bar revenues by $ XX
• Ensured bar and restaurant areas were immaculately presented at all times

5. Check for typing or spelling errors and get someone else to check it too. Automatic spell checkers are not always accurate.

6. Make the sentences short and succinct - you can expand on the details during an interview.

7. Avoid humour. You might think you’re a comedian, but a cruise employer probably won’t!

8. Use real figures and statistics where possible (e.g. to describe sales revenues) and be prepared to prove them.

9. If you have gaps between jobs then make sure you give details of these, even if it was to go off travelling. Don’t think a cruise line employer won’t notice gaps on your resume. He will and he’ll probably assume something bad and he certainly won’t bother to contact you for an explanation!

10. Play on your strengths, but don’t exaggerate. Your resume should be used to make yourself sound highly employable, but sounding too good to be true will turn off most cruise line recruiters.

As you can see, it’s vitally important to spend some time on getting your cover letter and resume right, but not everybody has the time, patience or the skills to knock out a powerful resume.

However, to make this part really easy for you we have put plenty of proven cruise ship cover letter and CV / resume templates and winning examples. Just grab your membership.


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