DJ Job on a Cruise Ship

In the new era of music, DJ plays a vital role to entertain on Cruise Ships. Your Cruise Disc Jockey determines whether your night is a boom or bust! There are thousands of Cruise disc jockeys! But it is tough task to find DJ Job on a Cruise Ship. A good Cruise DJ is cheaper than bands, and they dynamically work your Cruise crowd for 4 - 6 hours. 

DJ’s have a request form for crowd to fill out, so they can have everything ready for the Cruise guests. If the DJ is not constantly motivating the crowd, the floor will be empty, and your night will be a bust. It's like a strange quiet party. You need constant motivation from an experienced crowd pleaser. The D-Jing job is to work with catering, and know when meals are being served and when the milestone events are to take place. If nobody in the whole Cruise knew when anything was happening so it was somewhat confusing. The DJ and the caterer should have this under control before your event begins! The DJ, caterer, and Photographer should all be in contact and playing off the same sheet of music.

A wireless microphone system, if properly setup and sound checked, and stocked with a redundant backup with batteries, should work out just fine in a DJ Set up. Sure there are headaches associated with wireless systems, such as interference on the same frequency, and some reception halls, cordless just won't work no matter how hard they try. But testing and redundancy is the key. We had no problems at all during our 4 hour reception, and our DJ used only a wireless headset the whole evening. This is not a requirement, just a preference. Many fine DJ's are still using corded microphones. Remember, some areas you just cannot use wireless microphone due to local interference. Avoid wireless lapel microphones. For outdoor Cruises they are useless, suffering from poor performance and wind noise.

The art of mixing two or more different tunes in compliance to their rhythms and melodies together and create any new form of music that is known to us remix... Not only remix who is tempting... But the kind of mixing our Dj's floor and have a time of your life.... To do this kind of mixing our Dj's are equipped with knowledge of professional sound system, CD players, Console, Huge CD collection.

Everyone overlooks technical issues, but it is an important factor when cruise liners choose a DJ. They are paying money for a professional DJ and they better know their equipment. The better speaker brand names are Mackie, JBL and Electrovoice (with the "EV" on the speaker). Some DJs use Rane for their mixer. But this is not an exhaustive list; there are other good names as well. This is another reason why Cruise Liners asked the DJ if they do corporate affairs, because they may use the same high end audio equipment at your Cruise. You don't want those using home stereo amplifiers and speakers because they will fail under the volume of use. Sometimes you could not hear the DJ announcing the party because the volume was too low and it was muffled, all base and hardly any treble. This DJ did not test the acoustics of the room with a simple sound check before they started. Can you say.... Equalizer? This is why they must have good knowledge of all equipment, and know how to set it up.

DJ Lighting is another thing to consider before getting a job on the cruise ship. Can a Cruise DJ get additional lighting? Some employers want it; some could care less but all wanted to put on a show that everybody on cruise would remember. For state of the art lighting, some of the bigger DJ companies can master this for ships very easily. Again, this is where Cruise DJs with corporate event experience really excel. They usually have the top notch lighting, not old cheesy disco balls with 2 glorified lawn lights. DJ go a little overboard with an intelligent lighting system consisting of 4 intelligent units and 2 sound activated gobos. Man what a show it would be. The ballroom must fill with light. Many cruise guests told that it looked like a rock concert, with numerous beams everywhere. And this did not upset the older crowd either. We were pleasantly surprised to see many of them out there dancing the new tunes with us.

A good Cruise DJ should be able to provide several services. While the cruise guests are often eager to pick out their own newlywed dance song as well as songs for the traditional dance, and other Cruise dances, most couples aren't ready to pick a Cruise play list for the entire night. That is where the professional Dj’s with a Choreographer comes in.

Unlimited time, Energy, and Expertise:

Jobs on a Cruise ShipMore than anything in the world, DJ just love happy clients and happy guests. His crowd-reading skills must be exceptional, and should know use them constantly.

Last and not least, Cruise DJ'S must know what music to play when 5000 music lovers dancing in front of you and most of them have different taste.

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